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“I’m free of opiates and have my life back, I feel fantastic!”
Charles, Inverness

“I am so very thankful that y’all have followed your passion in helping others obtain access to medication that helps.  It’s more than a medication.  It’s a life changer.  I woke up this week two days in a row with NO PAIN!  In four years, I have NEVER done this.  I’m living again.  I’m enjoying life.  I will be grateful always to you both.  Thank you for giving my children their mother back, my  husband his wife!  What you have chose to do is making a difference in lives.”
Amy, FL

“I was approved by Dr. Bob for my card, and it has been truly life changing. I have come off so many meds, and am really enjoying my “new” life!! I can’t thank you enough for all of your help throughout this process.”
Courtney, Wndermere

“I was diagnosed with FMS in 1996 and have tried many different modalities to reduce the chronic pain. Until now, the most helpful has been through a nutritional focus. Medical Marijuana has proven to be the missing link. My pain is under control, I sleep better, and my energy and focus have returned.”
Lorraine, Beverly Hills

“After 12 years of pain filled, restless sleep, I am now sleeping well with 50/50 capsules. One at night an hour before bed and I sleep well for 6 to 7 hours each night.”
Chris, Beverly Hills

“Thank you again for what y’all are doing for the community. I hope to assist in spreading awareness here in central Florida and wherever I may go. People need to understand that this really, truly does work for people with issues that other medications won’t really help or have worse side effects.”
Kevin, Inverness

Everyone there has always been great to deal with! I’ve never experienced anything other than Great Service with Exceptional Treatment from the staff at Dr Bob’s! I recommend them all the time, no need to go anywhere else!

I learned so much, I feel good about it. Thank you!

Very nice, friendly, and informative people

Very friendly staff & Dr!

Extremely knowledge & helpful staff

Most pleasant and uplifting experience.