Cannabis – Cancer Cure?

Lymphoma, leukemia and multiple myeloma are cancers of the blood. According to the National Foundation for Cancer Research, more than 1.2 million are either living with or in remission from a blood cancer. They account for 10% of new cancer cases in the US each year. The good news is […]

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Myth-busting Medical Marijuana

Several months ago, I was scheduled to do anesthesia for a young man having a spinal cord stimulator placed in his spine. He was around 40 years old.  What started his problem was back pain. He had been through chiropractic care, epidural steroid injections and multiple medications including Percocet, gabapentin and […]

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Opioid Crisis

Florida governor Rick Scott recently signed a Bill HB21 which will make it more difficult for some physicians to prescribe narcotics to certain patients. Specifically, this new law limits prescription of schedule 2 narcotics (OxyContin, Percocet, dilaudid, morphine, methadone and fentanyl plus some others) for acute pain to 3 days […]

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Sobriety and Medical Cannabis

Medical marijuana (cannabis) is a relatively new phenomenon in the United States, being first legalized in California in 1996 and now available in 29 states. It’s becoming ever clearer to many physicians that it is a very effective medicine that can be used for chronic pain, control of seizures, anorexia, […]

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Medical Marijuana in Florida


Marijuana has been used as an effective and safe medicine for thousands of years in almost all civilizations including the USA. At that time, aspirin, opium, and cocaine were being discovered and touted as better drugs. There was also a financial incentive to outlaw the plant by factory owners who […]

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